About Stillwater Energy

We have a dynamic environment where people quickly change hats, where flexibility is highly valued. We collaborate within our team, with our customers, and even with our competition.  It’s how we work.

We enjoy our work and we enjoy each other, striving to have fun and develop positive working relationships. We embrace social responsibility, including workforce development and sustainability, and spend time on these as both individual and company priorities. We value how Stillwater helps support our larger priorities, namely our lives, families, and careers, in that order. Because our personal lives can be demanding, we appreciate how Stillwater provides an accommodating environment, offering schedule flexibility and the option to work from home.

Our office in Portland, Oregon's inner eastside industrial area is near many of our important clients, and is at the crossroads of coffee, food carts, the Eastbank Esplanade bike/running path, and overall quality of life.

Our Brief History

Descending from the Beartooth Mountains in Yellowstone, Montana’s Stillwater River inspires all who see it. We founded Stillwater Energy, LLC to inspire action, and to drive positive client results in the form of meaningful energy savings and a lasting impact.

While our team came from a variety of backgrounds, the clearest lineage started with Global Energy Partners (Global), established in 1998 as a joint venture between the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Gas Research Institute (GRI), and AECOM. In 2000, Global acquired and integrated the NEOS Corporation, an energy consulting firm established in 1983. In 2011 Enernoc acquired Global, including Global’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) team, as a wholly owned subsidiary.  This team built or implemented cutting edge SEM programs across North America, and provided strategic program consulting in places as diverse as China and Colombia. In 2016, the SEM team formed Stillwater, to create a world class consulting team that could expand and maximize what SEM could do.

The Stillwater team is committed to the science and art of outstanding program management that makes program administrators look great and also clearly manages and mitigates program risks. In addition, Stillwater is proud of our hands-on engagements that dazzle customers and move them to act, supporting our program administrators’ goals of persistent energy savings and long-term customer satisfaction.


Stillwater Energy Headquarters
1001 SE Water Avenue, Suite 370
Portland OR 97214

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