Inspiring Action for a Lasting Impact


At Stillwater, we feel an urgent need to drive the greatest impact possible. Depending on your perspective, that impact may look different:

Drive the greatest, most reliable and longest lasting energy savings through targeted changes to customer operations, maintenance and behavior.

Deepen the most important relationships between program administrators and their commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

Provide insights to enable program administrators to make implementation enhancements to support their program and portfolio goals.


What is Strategic Energy Management?

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a holistic approach to energy management to reduce immediate energy use.   SEM builds a strong foundational framework for future continuous energy improvement through behavioral and operational change. SEM creates a space for enhancing and formalizing current processes in place. 

Whereas most other program types try to isolate human intervention to focus on technology/equipment changes, SEM embraces the building occupants and facility staff as part of the solution. SEM leverages the customer’s organization via an energy team that engages executives and employees to take action on energy and integrate it into the business processes.

Why Strategic Energy Management?

SEM is unique in the variety and number of benefits it brings. These are best described from the various people that it impacts:

End-Use C&I Customer

  • Executives – providing a strategic approach that supports their vision of “building a better organization”
  • Managers – supporting the bottom line, supporting KPI attainment
  • Staff – supporting sustainability goals, supporting job security
  • Building/Equipment Operators – supporting uptime, providing positive way to proactively engage with occupants/employees
  • SEM is a collaborative approach, bringing everyone within an organization together to reach a common goal of maximizing energy savings

Utility Program Administrator

  • Executives – keeping their largest business customers happy and keeping them financially viable (and located in their service territory)
  • Managers – providing a unified program vision for their customer engagements, where SEM increases participation in other programs
  • Staff – supporting savings goal attainment from operations, maintenance and behavior
  • Account Executives – supporting customer satisfaction goals, providing structure that supports deeper, wider and more proactive relationships

Our Services

Our services are designed around providing deep and long-term impact with our program administrator clients and their commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. These services include:

Program Design and Development
Our team has designed and developed numerous energy management offerings for our program administrator customers, including programs with far-reaching influence across North America. Additionally, we have developed program curriculum, program tools and numerous other elements that drive the success and innovation of our programs. 

Program Implementation
Our team specializes in Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program implementation. We take pride in our hands-on, engaging workshops with minimal use of PowerPoint. Our passion to make a lasting impact allows us to create a strong connection with our customers to drive action, and use technical knowledge to identify opportunities and measure savings impacts.

Program Optimization
Our team leverages our deep program development and implementation experience to deploy a high value, targeted service where we analyze existing programs mid-stream, providing clear and actionable feedback to refine program implementation and produce even greater results. The goal of these short engagements is to make your existing programs the best they can be.

Our Vision & Mission

We look forward to a global business landscape where energy is truly integrated into organizational practices.
Together, we support the Stillwater vision in three ways:

Advanced facilitation and coaching approaches to make energy a high impact, high urgency priority for commercial and industrial customers.

Relentless innovation to create elegant strategies and solutions to make energy understandable and user friendly.

Partner with our program administrator clients using a high level of personalized service, helping them run … not just the best energy programs, but the best programs of any kind.


Let's Work Together